Ensuring the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device products is a complicated, labor-intensive challenge. Inefficiencies and errors lead to rework, schedule delays, and higher costs.

I work with companies to create and manage systems that ensure life science products are safe and work as intended, getting involved with quality at every stage of the process — development, design, manufacturing, clinical studies, and marketing.

As a result, clients design and develop products more effectively, receive regulatory clearance easily, manage suppliers and resources consistently, and meet timelines for product development and manufacturing. Cinta is the  VP of Consulting Services at Azzur Group and all projects are now going through Azzur Group.


“As the head of Quality Assurance, Cintas’s work was tremendous. She set up a phase-appropriate Quality System, emphasizing regulatory compliant production of safe and effective product while taking into account our resources and strict timelines.”

—John Wm. Ferkany, Ph.D., M.A.S.; Senior Vice President, Development Flatley Discovery Lab